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Start guitar lessons in your East London home today

Guitar lessons & classes in London

Start guitar lessons in your East London home today

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Start Guitar Lessons In The Comfort Of Your East London Home

Learn guitar for fun or study towards grade exams. Study a variety of guitar styles and techniques: rock, acoustic, classical, blues, folk and others.

Guitar Lessons are available for all ages and all levels, from outright beginners to advanced players. Guitar Lessons are available in all East London areas, including:

Stratford, Forest Gate, Bow, West Ham, East Ham, Leytonstone, South Woodford, Wanstead and some South Essex areas.

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  • Find a Guitar

    Find a Guitar

    Need a suitable first guitar for learning or need an upgrade, check out my guitar recommendations for good quality guitars and equipment.

  • One to One Lessons

    One to One Lessons

    Guitar Lessons are available from just £25 per hour - price depends on London location. See prices for details on London areas covered and lesson prices.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers

    Guitar lesson vouchers can be a very good gift for someone you care about and are suitable for any celebration or time of the year.

  • Free Guitar Lesson

    Free Guitar Lesson

    Save money by booking multiple lessons in advance; you can save up to £50 when book 5 lessons or more.

  • Learn Guitar Techniques & Skills

    Learn Guitar Techniques & Skills

    Learn the principle skills of playing on acoustic, electric and classical guitars, including music theory and particular techniques on each. Play for fun or study towards grade exams.